About Four Women Health Services

Gentle, Safe, Confidential

Four Women Health Services is a health clinic committed to quality comprehensive gynecological care in Attleboro, MA. Our clinic was founded in 1998 to ensure that all women have access to the highest quality reproductive health care. Since April 2003, Four Women Health Services has maintained a fully-licensed surgery center with experienced staff including board-certified physicians and women’s health nurse practitioners. At Four Women Health Services, our staff works together to empower women to make informed decisions that support their privacy, dignity and self-respect.

We provide a range of reproductive health care options and specialize in supportive, gentle abortion care. Our counselors offer compassionate support in a non-judgmental environment and are available throughout the clinic appointment. Our medical staff works with counselors and administration as a team to ensure that a woman and her loved ones receive the compassionate care and support they deserve.

Four Women Health Services's medical staff includes respected and skilled OB-GYNs, nurse clinicians and nurse, nurse anesthetists and medical assistants. Throughout the appointment process, our medical staff communicates about patients’ individual needs to decide upon the best course of action for each patient.

The patient’s privacy is our utmost concern. Staff maintains total confidentiality as dictated by our Policy and Procedures, Federal Privacy Laws and HIPPA. Also, our facility is in a quiet, relatively secluded area that is conveniently located on the Massachusetts-Rhode Island border.