Minor Consent

Minor Consent Abortion Laws

The State of Massachusetts enforces a law that is referred to as the Parental Consent Abortion Law, or the Judicial Bypass law. Simply stated, this law requires any minor (under age 16) to have one parent’s consent to have an abortion or they must obtain a judicial bypass from a judge. The judge does not decide if you can have an abortion, but if you are mature enough to make your own decision about your pregnancy. 

If you are under the age 16, the State of Massachusetts requires that you must come with a parent/legal guardian (unless you have a judicial bypass) and bring their birth certificate or guardian paperwork for a medication abortion or surgical abortion.

Both minor patient and parent/guardian must bring a photo ID with date of birth. Last names must match otherwise we will need to see a marriage/divorce certificate. 

A judicial bypass can be obtained through the courts for any minor that does not have a parent or legal guardian to accompany them to their appointment. The minor should contact 800-682-9218 for more information. The minor must bring the court documents to the office at the time of the appointment. 

Whether you need help finding a way to talk with your parent(s) or guardian(s) or need a judicial bypass — Four Women Health Services is committed to helping you understand and manage the Massachusetts’ minor consent abortion law.