Four Women Health Services - abortion clinic in Attleboro, MA


is to empower women to make informed decisions that support their privacy, dignity and self-respect.

Four Women Health Services was founded to ensure that all women have access to the highest quality reproductive health care through direct service, education and referrals.

We know choosing an abortion, whether it’s an early medication abortion or surgical abortion, it is not an easy decision. Therefore, we provide a safe and compassionate environment for your abortion, family planning and gynecological care in Massachusetts.

We offer a variety of anesthesia options, including unconscious sedation.

  • Medication abortion commonly known as the Abortion Pill a non-surgical abortion procedure for up to 10 weeks. Mifepristone (Mifeprex) blocks a hormone called progesterone, causing the pregnancy to stop developing. Misoprostol (Cytotec) will cause you to pass the pregnancy tissue at home.

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    Medication Abortion

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  • We offer 1-day surgical abortion care if you're 5.0 to 16 weeks, and 2-day surgical abortion from 16.1 – 20.6 weeks. Depending on your eligibility, you may be awake or asleep for the procedure. Misoprostol (Cytotec) makes the procedure safer and more effective by dilating and softening the cervix. Once dilated the pregnancy will be safely removed.

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    Surgical Abortion

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  • If you are uninsured and unable to pay for the procedure, we can provide you with information for funding options that may be available to you, if you qualify. We offer discounted fees if you pay cash.

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    Financial Assistance

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“The staff at this place were so accommodating and understanding I highly suggest this establishment! You will not be disappointed!”


“Very friendly, very fast, very straightforward with cost, risks, and goes the extra mile with recommending proper birth control afterwards. No harsh judgement, Dr. has an amazing sense of humor, nurses and staff are super caring and professional. You can tell they put your safety, privacy, and health first.”


“These people from the Doctor's to the entire staff are very understanding and compassionate the wait time is long but it's worth it. Thank you 4 women God Bless you always!!”


“The atmosphere was very supportive, clearly designed to make anyone there - including and especially folks coming in for abortion care - feel comfortable.”


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