Policies and Other Information

Center Ownership

Four Women Health Services and its investors recognize that they are required to disclose to its patients and the public the owner(s) of the Center

  1. The Four Women brochure will list all investors in the Center. The brochure will be provided to all members of the medical staff to be distributed to the patients at the time they are scheduled for surgery.
  2. Each Investor will annually be reminded that they are to notify patients that they have ownership in the ambulatory surgery center.
  3. Four Women Health Services is owned by Marcus Gordon, MD.
  4. Current ownership and/or changes in ownership of the center, including specific physician, hospital or corporate investors will be provided to AAAHC, CMS, state licensing bodies and/or other required agencies.

Advance Directives

To provide a method for patients to provide written or oral instructions about her future medical care, in the event that she becomes unable to communicate those instructions herself.

Under the Health Care Proxy Law (Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 201D), any competent adult 18 years of age or over may use the Health Care Proxy form to appoint a Health Care agent. Resources for completing this form are contained in a binder in the waiting room for all patients to access.

Please print and sign the Patient Consent form and bring it with you for your appointment.