Aftercare Information

What to Expect After Surgery

  • Bleeding is normal after surgery, and varies from woman to woman, and some women continue to bleed for 2-4 weeks after surgery.
  • Cramping is normal. You should expect some cramping to last a few days to a week.
  • All of these situations are normal, and not cause for concern.

How To Relieve Cramping

  • Try one of the following "over the counter" medications: Advil, Nuprin, Motrin, Medipren - DO NOT take aspirin products, they may increase bleeding.
  • Apply a heating pad or hot water bottle and elevate your legs.
  • Sit on your toilet while massaging your lower abdomen downward.

When To Call

  • Any time that you feel your bleeding is abnormal.
  • If you are soaking through more than one maxi pad per hour.
  • If cramping is continuous, getting worse and/or your abdomen gets hard, and is not relieved by following our instructions and taking the recommended medications.
  • If your temperature is above 101 degrees.
  • If you pass multiple blood clots larger than a silver dollar, for more than an hour.
  • Foul smelling discharge accompanied by lower back pain.
    In case of a problem or medical emergency:
  • If you are experiencing a serious or life threatening emergency, proceed to the closest emergency room.
  • During normal working hours call the office if you are having a problem.
  • If you are having a real and sudden problem, call the 508-222-7555 and speak to the answering service. They will have a Four Women Health Services nurse call you back. Please be considerate when calling the staff after normal hours.
    For Two Weeks Following Your Abortion or Your Follow Up Visit
  • Keep your follow-up examination appointment.
  • Do not insert anything into your vagina.
  • Do not have vaginal intercourse.
  • Do not use tampons.
  • Do not douche.
  • Do not swim or take baths, showers are fine.
    Be careful! You CAN get pregnant after an abortion and before your next period.